“In Sarah V. Schweig’s poems any gesture extended to create a narrative or abbreviated to form an image of stillness can form the foundation of a lyric…. [M]asterfully poised hymns to dissatisfaction,... [w]hat we have in Schweig’s poems—full of dark panache and a cool, even murderous, wit—is an auspicious debut.”  —Mark Strand, Boston Review

The effect of reading Sarah Schweig’s verse is quietly dazzling and hard to describe: hallucinatory nuggets of feeling are shaped through extraordinary formal precision, apparently everyday observation, a taste for bathos, repetition and great precision of utterance. And the whole is full of longing and desire. Tinged with delicious regret and distance, Schweig evokes depth of feeling that will resonate with the reader. No, this is not nothing, but something fine indeed. It is a remarkable achievement.”  —Simon Critchley

“These poems forge new paths where worlds have disappeared. Out of the tenuous rises the emphatic, with possibilities offered like prayers.”  —Ann Beattie

Take Nothing with You - from University of Iowa Press, Kuhl House Poets
Reviewed in the LA Review of Books
Reviewed in Publishers Weekly


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Contingencies - West Branch
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Sunset District, Meanwhile in Our City of Abandon, Ex Machina - Western Humanities Review and InkNode

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