The Ocean in the Next Room - forthcoming from Milkweed Editions in 2025

Take Nothing with You - from University of Iowa Press, Kuhl House Poets
Reviewed in the LA Review of Books
Reviewed in Publishers Weekly


S - Dancing Girl Press, 2011

Waves, To a Son - The Yale Review (Waves was a "most-read" poem of 2023)
In the Eyes of the Company, Poem on My Birthday - Ocean State Review
Five Skeins - More Truly and More Strange: 100 Contemporary American Self-Portrait Poems
Five Skeins - Granta
A Departure, Brighton Beach (II) - BOMB 
Truth - Practice Catalogue
Contingencies (III), Dedication - The Cortland Review 
The Lovers - Audio Sancepan (audio archive here).
Shift, The Infinite, and Primordial Life - BOAAT 
Pastoral - The Literary Review 
Brighton Beach - featured in Poetry Daily
Contingencies, and an essay on its genesis - Poetry Society of America
Emptiness, Life on Plastic Mountain - Iowa Review 
Emptiness (Coda), The Audit, Red Bank - The White Review
Toward the Great Unity - Pen Poetry Series
The Tower - Tin House
Per Diem - Slice
Schweig - Horsethief
Human Animal - Parallax
As part of a tribute to Mark Strand, an essay called The Wish To Be Mark Strand, and an accompanying poem, The Abandonment - West Branch
The Returns - Wreck Park
Stories (II) - American Chordata
The Great Event - The Brazenhead Review
Theory of Ash, Pilgrim's Progress - The Winter Anthology
Contingencies (II) - Slice
Contingencies - West Branch
Doctrine of the Mask, The Infinite Network of Doors - clinic
Karma Academy, Transcendence, Her Dalliances (II) - Powder Keg
Her Dalliances - Everyday Genius
All the Masks - The Volta
The King, Pilgrim's Progress - Black Warrior Review
Theory of Ash - HTML Giant
Architecture - The Philadelphia Review of Books
After After Catullus - Brooklyn Poets
Quelle Night - “The Hide-and-Seek Muse: A Year of Chronicle Columns and Commentary on American Poetry” by Lisa Russ Spaar (Drunken Boat Media, 2013)
Anthem, A Girl from Tennessee, A Room I Lived in Once, Sehnsucht – Maggy
To a Daughter - Wave Books Online
Flower District - BRN
Room with two Windows - Black Warrior Review
The Hunger Rooms (Pushcart Prize nominee) - Paperbag Journal
Brighton Beach, Room with no Window, Tomorrow Morning, The Weaver - BOMB Magazine
Tonight - Painted Bride Quarterly
After Catullus, Cafe Sappho, Conspiracy Theory, Garment District, Stories, Sonnet, The Dream - Boston Review Poet's Sampler with introduction by Mark Strand
Excerpts from Addenda (Pushcart Prize nominee) - Revolution House Magazine
Sunset District - Verse Daily
Sunset District, Meanwhile in Our City of Abandon, Ex Machina - Western Humanities Review and InkNode

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