It's hard to write, speak, or put anything in sensical order these days, it seems. But here are some attempts:

Five poems — which have been featured in Slice, West Branch, HTML Giant, The Winter Anthology, and BOMB — have been given voice in a podcast, thanks to Slice Magazine. Listen to the podcast here.

Also recent is an essay about the person who taught me to love animals, a little bit of a tribute on the fifth anniversary of her death.

And here's a passage of something I've been thinking about recently, reproduced here (aware of all the contradictions of reproducing it here):

The unnoticeable law of the earth preserves the earth in the sufficiency of the emerging and the perishing of all things in the allotted sphere of the possible which everything follows, and yet nothing knows. The birch tree never oversteps its possibility. The colony of bees dwells in its possibility. It is first the will which arranges itself everywhere in technology that devours the earth in the exhaustion and consumption and change of what is artificial. Technology drives the earth beyond the developed sphere of its possibility into such things which are no longer a possibility and are thus impossible.

— M.H., Overcoming Metaphysics


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