Take Nothing with You available for preorder

I guess that means it's time to start getting nervous. 

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote to Susannah Nevison, out in the mountains of Utah somewhere, because I'd finally read Teratology — her beautiful book on the body, on family, on all different kinds of wounds and scars, while sitting in Prospect Park, watching R played soccer — and had to tell her how much I loved it. She replied that she's excited for my book to drop in November.


I googled myself and discovered this was true, via Amazon.

Really, despite all the process and talk of covers, blurbs, etc., somehow I still must have thought it would never happen. Still, people tell me it is happening. And I'm so grateful to the people who have believed in this work.

In other news, I've been reading a lot about ancient Scepticism, which could account for my current disbelief. 


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